Collagen Powder


High quality fish collagen processed in France, every serving contains 5000mg collagen powder

Derived from fish which has a higher solubility and is the best source of collagen as compared to swine and bovine source.

Low molecular weight (2000 Dalton) fish collagen peptide for better absorption than those in the market.

Contains vitamin C for collagen formulation and provides antioxidant function

Jasmine tea extract provides antioxidant function

Boosted with biotin (vitamin B7) to maintains healthy skin and the health of mucous membranes

Fat-free, no added artificial flavours, colours, sugar and preservative



Active ingredients per serving

Hydrolysed collagen
Fish Collagen

5000 mg


Adult: 1 spoon (6g) daily, add to room temperature/chilled water, juice or milk. Consumed directly after it’s completely dissolved.