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At the age of 30, the performance of a man is at the peak. However, progress with age, the performance level will decrease by 1% every year #. At the age of 40, the symptoms of male menopause starts to appear.

Physical: Low desire, lack of energy, insufficiency strength and stamina, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, lack of concentration, lower bone density

Mental: Irritability mood, low self-image

BLACKMORES® Ultra Power Boost is a unique combination of Western herbals, clinical proven ingredients can help to improve men’s performance 2:

  • To promote desire and pleasure1
  • To improve endurance and stamina1,3,5
  • Infused vitality, enhance strength energy and power5
  • Reduce fatigue and boost energy
  • Increase self-confidence and partner intimacy
  • Maintain general wellbeing4,6,7 and support family planning
  • Relief symptoms of Andropause (male menopause)

Safe and natural ingredients, no side effect and non-addictive:

  • Maca: Enhance power
  • Ashwaganda: Improve endurance and stamina
  • Fenugreek: Infused vitality
  • Damiana Extract: Maintain general wellbeing and support family planning


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Active ingredients per tablet

Lepidium meyenii
(Maca root extract powder)

187.5 mg (Equiv. to root 1875 mg)

Trigonella foenum-graecum
(Fenugreek seed extract dry conc.)

300 mg (Equiv. to seed 3000 mg)

Withania somnifera
(Ashwagandha root extract powder)

125 mg (Equiv. to root 1500 mg)

Turnea diffusa
Damiana leaf extract powder

83.3 mg (Equiv. to leaf 833 mg)


Adult: Take 2 tablets once a day with meal, or as professionally prescribed.