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40 - 50 years

40 - 50 years


We will be more concerned about the health problems at this age. However, there should be no big health problems at this stage, although noticable signs of aging begin to appear. As we become more and more mature, we start to think about our life: Some people are dissatisfied with the work life imbalance, especially for those people who work long hours. Stress needs to be managed properly.

The normal process of aging can be frustrating, especially with media outlets constantly promoting staying young and beautiful. We should keep in mind that health is beauty, while confidence is our style.

At this stage the body is generally in good condition, but may require occasional maintenance and periodic health check up to ensure our body is functioning well.

Health Check

The following shows the general checks that you may need at your 40s:

  • Cholesterol - Cholesterol is a major factor in increasing the risk of heart disease. It’s recommended to have an annual check-up on this, if your cholesterol rises, you should check more frequently.
  • Blood pressure - High blood pressure or hypertension are also the important factors that lead to heart problems. Cholesterol check is needed per year (check more frequent if a person is having medications treatment for their blood pressure or hypertension problem).
  • Vision and hearing – It is recommended to have a test done once a year or once every two years and get new prescriptions for eyeglasses if they are needed.
  • It is recommended that women self-check their breasts and men self-check their testicles every month. If there are any changes, you should consult your family doctor. 
  • Pap smear - Women should be checked every two years for early detection of cervical cancer.
  • Diabetes Check - If there is a family member suffering from this disease, it will be necessary to check.

Your family doctor might recommend other tests based on your personal medical history.

Back Pain

Back pain is quite a common problem that can make you feel uncomfortable and affect your work. Minor muscle injury is the cause of most back pain, which can usually be healed naturally. Magnesium can help to relieve muscle tension. Sometimes back pain is caused by the disc damage. The cartilage disc, is the shock absorber between the vertebrae that maybe damaged. There is no conduction of nerve pain, and therefore the disc itself is not painful. However, the compression of an adjacent disc ligament or nerve will cause pain.

Cholesterol Management

High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease. In the 40-50s, you'll need to effectively control your cholesterol level to avoid serious illness. 5.5 mmol of cholesterol level in blood is considered high and the risk of coronary heart disease will be higher. More than 6.5 mmol / L is considered at risk. 50% of people at 25 years old or above are found with more than 5.5 mmol / L of cholesterol level in blood due to one’s diet, lifestyle and heredity.

Diet is important, people should reduce the consumption of fat and whole milk type products and animal meat, and increase the intake of high-fibre foods. In addition, you may need to use natural products or traditional medicines to manage cholesterol. Fortunately, most of the factors that may increase the risk of heart disease, such as smoking, overweight, high cholesterol and lack of exercise, etc., can all be reduced or proper management.


Using the computer for extended periods of time can cause eye strain. Bilberry can relieve eye fatigue and reduce the redness. At this stage, you will notice that vision began to decline. To those with family history of glaucoma should get checked once every two years.

Male Hair Loss

Hormone is an important factor in hair loss. Although testosterone can promote hair growth, it's activities and genetics that cause most men to lose hair. There will be a chance for hair loss for men after puberty until age of 50, and half of all men will suffer from significant baldness. Although vitamin B complex and minerals zinc and silicon can help to promote hair growth, it cannot prevent male baldness. For some men, medicine might help to a certain extent.

Skin Care

As the skin ages, its ability for skin regeneration will slow down, making it easier to be exposed to sunlight, etc. The reducing sebum secretion will cause dry skin. Antioxidants help to protect the skin, and evening primrose oil can help improve skin softness. However, beautiful skin does not mean that there are no fine lines or wrinkles on the skin, but proper care of the face, can make it more radiant and shine!

Weight Management

Due to the slow metabolism, body weight may be more difficult to manage. Eating small meals each day, instead of two or three big meals, can improve metabolism and assist in weight loss. Regular exercise can improve health and vitality, and also help weight loss. If it is difficult to lose weight, you can ask the doctor to check your thyroid. The most important thing is a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, with fish, chicken or other lean meat and other high-quality protein, and an appropriate amount of intake of grains or beans pod fibres are essential. Do not over-diet, it can cause metabolic and nutritional imbalance.