Premenstrual Support

40 tablets

Helps Prevent Calcium Loss

60 tablets

Preserves Overall Eye Health

60 Tablets

One-a-day glucosamine supplement which provide joint relief, high potency

180 Tablets
Pregnancy breast feeding 60 capsules

The care you need from pregnancy to breast feeding

60 capsules
coq10 150mg

Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

30 capsules
Buffered C (30 tablets)

Slow release formula of vitamin C to support immune system and aid cold relief.

30 tablets
Bio E 500iu (30 capsules)

Powerful antioxidant for heart health

30 capsules

Provide Joint Relief

90 tablets
Multi B (30 tablets)

Energy support - B group vitamins, essential for metabolic processes of all living cells

30 tablets
Kids Probiotic Powder

Improve the gastrointestinal health for kids, daily probiotics, specially formulated for children in a convenient sachet.

20 sachets
Sleep Sound Formula

Achieve a restful, restorative and quality sleep

30 tablets

No.1 Blackmores, No.1 Li Na

Success Stories

A couple of months ago I woke up one morning with a rash and itch all over my legs.'I put up with the problem for a couple of days, however things only got worse, and the rash travelled to other parts of my body.The skin had dissolved on my shin areas, and to put it mildly I became frightened that I would be left severely scarred I went to the doctor who prescribed oral and topical cortisone. I followed the doseage and cream application for two days without much relief. I did a bit of research on vitamin supplements, and the lack of, and discovered that I may have a zinc and omega 3 deficiency. Having nothing to lose but the problem, I purchased fish oil and zinc complex; and to my delight the itching and rash subsided within 1 day, and the skin healed within a few days. It was like a miracle when the healing process worked at such a rapid pace, and left no scarring. Incidently I am 63 years of age. When I returned to the Doctor I informed him of the zinc and omega 3 and he sent me for blood tests which revealed that in fact I did have that particular defiency. So I guess I had 1 up on the medical profession. This time anyway.

Patricia, VIC.