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Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Ultimate Radiant Skin


from HK$399.00

Anti-aging formula to nourish your cells and increase the moisture level of your skin. Supports collagen formation and skin regeneration.
Eye Health

Blue Light Defence

BLD box

from HK$379.00

The optimal 5:1 ratio is effective to increase macular pigment and filter the harmful blue light. Ease symptoms of eyestrain and fatigue.
Kids Health

Superkids™ Study Buddy

study buddy

from HK$189.00

The 6-in-1 formula provides 250mg DHA, Choline, Iron, Zinc and etc. for all-rounded brain, eye and nervous system development in children. It also helps to promote logic, memory and concentration during learning.
Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Ultra Refined Black Seed Oil


from HK$299.00

Reduces skin redness and sensitivity and soothes the discomfort of the affected area, a steroid free solution for overall skin supercharge
Eye Health

Vision Care + Energy


from HK$269.00

Scientifically proven to improve macular pigment optical density and visual performance in 6 months. Astaxanthin helps microcirculation and relieve eye strain.
Liver & Digestive Health

Probiotics+ Daily Health

daily health cruise

from HK$279.00

This dual-action formula contains five clinically trialled* probiotic strains providing 30 billion good bacteria, plus a prebiotic, for relieving gut discomforts.
Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Ultimate Bright Renewal


from HK$399.00

4-in-1 formula that support skin brightness and natural body detox
Women's Health

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold Mini

PBFG mini

from HK$499.00

New upgraded formula with smaller capsules, containing an ideal daily dose of 20 important nutrients + DHA you need from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

B + C


from HK$146.90

Combination of B vitamins and Vitamin C for everyday energy support and antioxidant protection
Heart Health

CoQ10 50mg

coQ10 50

from HK$230.90

Power booster for body cells and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Suitable for 30+ who are active and busy at work
Bones & Joints Health

Vitamin D3 1000 IU

New Vit D3

from HK$99.90

Assist in building healthy bones. Promotes the absorption of calcium and can help to strengthen muscle. Support Immune system health.
Bones & Joints Health

Glucosamine 1500

gluc cruise

from HK$399.00

One-a-day glucosamine supplement which provide joint relief, high potency
Nutrition Oils

Odourless Fish Oil 1000

OFO 90s

from HK$289.90

Each capsule contains 300 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA & DHA) for brain, eye and heart health.
Nutrition Oils

Omega Brain

omega brain cruise

from HK$359.00

High dose of DHA for healthy brain and eye functions
Nutrition Oils

Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps

OFO mini cruise

from HK$399.00

Each convenient mini-sized capsule contains 300mg Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) for brain, eye and heart health.
Bones & Joints Health

Total Calcium Magnesium + D3

total cal mag cruise

from HK$219.00

8-in-1 formula to helps prevent calcium loss with optimal Calcium and Magnesium ratio