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Nutrition Oils

Odourless Fish Oil 1000


from HK$289.90

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Collagen Powder

Collagen Powder

from HK$369.00

Premium fish collagen imported from France, each spoon provides 5000mg collagen. Continuous consumption can help to improve skin condition.
Everyday Health

Multivitamins Minerals


from HK$169.90

Assists in the maintenance and improvement of general well being.
Heart Health

CoQ10 50mg


from HK$230.90

Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
Kids Health

Kids Fruity Fishies™


from HK$188.90

Support healthy brain development
Liver & Digestive Health

Probiotics+ Skin Support

Probiotics Skin Support

from HK$269.00

Dual-action formula with 20 billion good bacteria plus a prebiotic
Bones & Joints Health

Joint Formula


from HK$367.90

Maintain Healthy Joints and Reduces Cartilage Wear
Liver & Digestive Health

Liver Protect


from HK$279.90

Assists normal liver function