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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is present in every cell of the human body and is responsible for producing energy, replenishing power and fighting oxidation. The human body can synthesize on its own or obtain it from food, but with age, the body's ability to synthesize Q10 gradually declines, and the level of Q10 in each organ will decline to varying degrees*. At the age of 40, the CoQ10 level of the heart is only 60% of that of the 20-year-old; at the age of 80, it drops to about 40%. The level of CoQ10 in the lungs drops sharply after the age of 60, and only about 50% at the age of 80.

The energy demands of the heart, liver, brain, muscles of the human body are extremely high, and it is necessary to maintain an adequate supply of CoQ10 to maintain physical strength and vitality. Coenzyme Q10 has a powerful antioxidant function, which is very beneficial to skin health. Although CoQ10 is naturally produced in the human body, its concentration will gradually decrease with age or taking certain types of drugs. In order to ensure an adequate supply of coQ10 in the body, we can consume foods rich in coQ10, or take coQ10 supplements.


  • Produces energy for cells to support daily metabolism
  • Antioxidant to reduce free radical damage
  • Provide enough energy for cardiomyocytes to maintain heart health and cardiovascular function
  • Energize your body and support vitality
  • Mini-sized softgels that are easy to swallow
  • No added preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners, safe and reliable
  • Suitable for those 30+ who exercise regularly, busy at work and stay up late

* Kalén A, Appelkvist EL, Dallner G. Age-related changes in the lipid compositions of rat and human tissues. Lipids. 1989 Jul;24(7):579-84.

Active ingredients per capsule

Coenzyme Q10


Coenzyme Q10, is a vitamin-like substance that is found in every cell in the body. Food sources of coenzyme Q10 include meat, fish, nuts, spinach, cauliflower and soy beans.


  • Adults – Take 1 to 2 capsules a day with meals.
  • Children under 12 years – Not recommended.