Women's health

Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Ultimate Radiant Skin


from HK$399.00

Anti-aging formula to nourish your cells and increase the moisture level of your skin. Supports collagen formation and skin regeneration.
Women's Health

Folic acid

folic acid cruise

from HK$142.90

Helps to produce red blood cells and promotes brain and spinal nerve health in babies. Essential for pregnancy planning and fetal development.
Women's Health

Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold

PBFG 60 cruise

from HK$199.00

Contains 17 essential nutrients you need from pregnancy to breastfeeding
Nails, Hair & Skin Health

Ultimate Bright Renewal


from HK$399.00

4-in-1 formula that support skin brightness and natural body detox
Women's Health

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold Mini

PBFG mini

from HK$499.00

New upgraded formula with smaller capsules, containing an ideal daily dose of 20 important nutrients + DHA you need from pregnancy to breastfeeding.