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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, about 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones and teeth, and the rest is stored in the blood. The main function of calcium is to form bones and teeth and maintain their health. Calcium is also responsible for many metabolic functions, including nerve signaling, muscle contraction, and keeping the heart muscle functioning properly. Vitamin D is indispensable in the process of calcium absorption and mode of action. A lack of vitamin D in the body can reduce the strength and density of bones, leading to joint pain.

Bone mass grows rapidly in childhood and adolescence, reaching a steady peak at age 30, and then slowly losing it with age. Once the bone mass is lost, it cannot be replaced. Therefore, before the age of 30, we should pay an effort to increase calcium absorption and increase the peak of bone mass. After the age of 30, supplementation should be recommended to strengthen the bones and delay the loss. In women after menopause, the secretion of estrogen decreases, which reduces calcium absorption and increases the required calcium intake.

BLACKMORES® Total Calcium Magnesium + D3 is an 8-in-1 formula that includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin D3, K1, C and folic acid.

  • Combination of 3 forms of calcium (Calcium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate) to help promote bone health and prevent bone loss
  • Calcium and Magnesium 2 : 1 golden ratio
  • Added vitamin D3 and K1 to promote calcium absorption and strengthen bone density
  • Magnesium helps support muscle and nervous system health
  • Forms and strengthens bones and teeth
  • Manganese and zinc assist in bone calcification and promote bone formation
  • Vitamin C assists in the production of collagen and strengthens bone structure

Active ingredients per tablet

Calcium citrate

(Calcium 63.2 mg)

Calcium phosphate

(Calcium 126 mg)

Calcium amino acid chelate

(Calcium 40 mg)

Total calcium

229.2 mg

Magnesium phosphate

(Magnesium 13.4 mg)

Heavy magnesium oxide

(Magnesium 102.5 mg)

Total magnesium

115.9 mg

Zinc amino acid chelate

2.5 mg

Manganese amino acid chelate

1.5 mg

Vitamin K1

5 mcg

Vitamin D3

200 IU

Ascorbic acid
Vitamin C

60 mg

Folic acid

100 mcg


Adults – Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day, or as professionally prescribed. Take with food.

Children (9-17 years) – Take 1 tablet 1 to 2 times a day, or as professionally prescribed. Take with food.

Children (6-8 years) – Take 1 tablet 1 time a day, or as professionally prescribed. Take with food.

Children (under 6 years) – Not recommended.