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BLACKMORES® Ultra Body Shaper is a 9-in-1 formula with patented and scientifically tested* ingredient – African Mango Seed Extract and 8 essential nutrients such as B vitamins, Copper, Zinc and etc. It contains nutrients to help metabolise fats and carbohydrates. Ultra Body Shaper is your complement to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a calorie-reduced diet and regular physical activity for individuals involved in a weight management programme.

5-in-1 Benefits to support healthy weight management:

- Metabolizes (and breaks down) carbohydrates for energy release

- Supports metabolism of fats

- Supports immunity in healthy weight management

- Supports energy level and reduces the feelings of fatigue

- Antioxidant support from Patented African Mango Seed extract

- No caffeine and non-drug

* Ngondi JL et al. IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia gabonensis. Lipids in Health and Disease 2009, 8:7

Active ingredients per serving

(Vitamin B2)

1 mg

Mangifera indica
Irvingia gabonesis (African mango seed) extract

300 mg

Calcium pantothenate
(Vitamin B5)

5 mg


0.03 mg

Chromium picolinate

50 mcg

Cupric oxide

0.8 mg

Ferrous fumarate

5 mg

Zinc gluconate

4 mg


Adult: Take 1 tablet once a day, or as professionally prescribed.