Eye health

Nutrition Oils

Omega Brain

omega brain cruise

from HK$459.00

High dose of DHA for healthy brain and eye functions
Eye Health

Macu-Vision® Plus

Macu Vision Plus

from HK$399.00

A 6-in-1 comprehensive formula to preserve macular eye health and support healthy aging in eyes
Eye Health

Blue Light Defence

BLD box new sticker

from HK$379.00

The optimal 5:1 ratio is effective to increase macular pigment and filter the harmful blue light. Ease symptoms of eyestrain and fatigue.
Eye Health

Vision Care + Energy


from HK$269.00

Scientifically proven to improve macular pigment optical density and visual performance in 6 months. Astaxanthin helps microcirculation and relieve eye strain.
Eye Health

Bilberry Eye Support Advanced

Bilberry eye support adv

from HK$229.00

High quality and standardised extract sourced from Arctic wild crafted bilberries. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve eye strain and eye fatigue.