Eye health

Nutrition Oils

Omega Brain

omega brain cruise

from HK$356.90

High dose of DHA for healthy brain and eye functions
Eye Health

Macu-Vision® Plus

Macu Vision Plus

from HK$369.00

A 6-in-1 comprehensive formula to preserve macular eye health and support healthy aging in eyes
Eye Health

Blue Light Defence

BLD box

from HK$379.00

The optimal 5:1 ratio is effective to increase macular pigment and filter the harmful blue light. Ease symptoms of eyestrain and fatigue.
Eye Health

Vision Care + Energy


from HK$269.00

Scientifically proven to improve macular pigment optical density and visual performance in 6 months. Astaxanthin helps microcirculation and relieve eye strain.
Eye Health

Bilberry Eye Support Advanced

Bilberry eye support adv

from HK$209.90

High quality and standardised extract sourced from Arctic wild crafted bilberries. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve eye strain and eye fatigue.
Eye Health

Lutein Vision

Lutein Vision

from HK$367.90

Maintain eye health, helps to protect the macular region of the eye